"May the leaders of nations hear and obey our call, creating an agreement to safeguard the climate future of Earth. May they be guided by wisdom over short-sightedness, choosing to preserve life over national advantage."

"May we each and all seek and be empowered to change our lives and old wasteful habits, and realize that we are One Humanity, with a common fate living on a shared, sacred planet."

The Global Call to Prayer, Meditation and Intention is an interfaith initiative uniting all people as one family with one intention. Through a collective act of intention – prayer, meditation, hoping, wishing, imagining and intending – we will together call for an ambitious, fair, and binding climate treaty among the nations of Earth.

The nations of the world have thus far failed to produce a treaty to avoid the worst of coming climate change. The leaders of nations continue to place national advantage and short term financial gain over the interests of humanity and life on Earth. May this year's Climate Summit in Durban constitute a turning point towards a low-carbon world economy, and towards the ascendency of higher values than the base commercial values which are undermining our collective well-being. We ask you to join in this mass mobilization of essential will. Our focused intention to support the the UN Climate Summit in Durban and future meetings will persist until governments finally come to realize that life is more important than money. Please keep this intention in your mindfulness, in your formal and informal prayers, in your internal and external communication with others from now on.

Through the power of collective intention and prayer, we can ‘real-ize’, that is, make real that which today may seem elusive. By coming together as a united humanity in this manner, our leaders will more readily hear us. By grounding our intention in action together, by contacting and demonstrating to those leaders the strength of our concern and convictions, we will become a clear actualized force of change.

Along with this ‘call to prayer’, which is actually much more than simply prayer, please read, endorse and share widely the Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change, within your homes, workplaces and ‘families of faith’ – your temples, churches, mosques, synagogues, prayer meetings and assemblies. If you concur with its spirit and intent, endorse it as an individual or on behalf of your organization. But most importantly, we urgently ask that you continually, mindfully, and actively in-tend’ (inwardly tend) the thoughts atop this page, in the privacy of your mind and home, and in your public places of worship, prayer, gathering and mediation.


  Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change

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